Naming Ceremony

Why not welcome your new arrival into the world with a baby naming ceremony? With a celebrant led ceremony there are no restrictions.


A naming service can be in a location of your choice, on any day that you like. I will write a ceremony that is personal to you and your family, rather than a traditional church service where the service is scripted and set by someone else. 

But a naming ceremony is not just for babies, this type of service can be for anyone. Maybe to celebrate changing your name, changing your gender or even changing a name to join a new family. A naming ceremony can also be adjusted to a Adoption ceremony or even a ceremony to join two families together... The reason can be for anything, the important thing is that it is exactly what you want it to be...

Want God-parents/Guide-parents? Don't want God-parents/Guide-parents? The choice is yours. 

What happens next? 

Stage One - 

We will meet for an informal no obligation chat, this will be an opportunity to decide if you would like me to conduct your service. 

Stage Two - 

Once booking is confirmed we will chat and I can gather all the information that I need to be able to write the service, we can discuss all the requirements and I can make suggestions to help you plan your day. 

Stage Three - 

I will then take away all that information and draft your service. Once complete the draft will be sent for your approval. Want to make adjustments? Of course, its your ceremony.. I want you to be 100% happy with everything being said on the day. 

Stage Four-

Today is the day... relax and be happy, its time to celebrate your day..